Thursday, November 20, 2008

51 Syllables and Something about Them

Long time readers know of my penchant for haiku. All it took was hearing the word today to stimulate the part of my brain that desires the challenge of the haiku form and as a result of this stimulation, I offer you three new haiku's and a little about what ran through my thoughts as I composed them.
A month ago I spent part of a Saturday taking in the beauty of the autumnal season at my favorite place in all of Massachusetts; Walden Pond. Even driving up a narrow country road under the canopy of colorful leaves, I must force myself to focus on the road as the palette of the season hypnotizes me with its beauty. As I place the sheet of paper in front of me to begin writing, I looked out a large picture window to see only branches and this view served as the seed for two of the three offerings below.
the colors of fall
perish as the chill rolls in
the dark of winter
Driving eastbound in the morning and westbound in the evening, I often fall victim to the blinding rays of the sun as it is either rising or setting. If the timing is right, you can still see the powerful rays of the sun but as autumn fades into winter, the frigid force of the season overpowers the warmth we long for.
the blinding sun light
with it no offer of warmth
only deception
The first time it is cold enough to see your breath is usually the first time you fully realize it's cold enough to see your breath; it's that time again.
my breath visible
the dormant grass topped with frost
while trees stand naked

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