Monday, November 10, 2008

Agitated Writing

I'm in a funk of a different sort that seems to have an adverse effect on my ability to effectively write Twenty minutes have lapsed from the first sentence to this one. I have a topic, kind of know the direction I wanna go, I just can't put the words down - something just gets lost and I have to keep drifting away from the computer.

I think I need to go back to my old longhand for a while. I think it's easier to be expressive without the confines of a computer in front of me. I have always felt that the computer impedes creativity, at least where writing is concerned.

There are so many things I want to talk about, President Obama, Proposition (h)eight, the entertainment value of various herbal remedies such as Milk Thistle, and so much more.

I've always felt the best way to break out of a writing slump is to keep writing, not give up. So, I'll keep plugging away and hope for the best and if at times my thoughts and words seem disjointed, if I'm not making myself clear - feel free to nudge me a little. I need your help with this - I am a bit lost but I will not succumb.


Joy said...

Just write. Don't think. It will come, and I'm looking foward to it when you post it. Don't edit as you go or second guess yourself. Turn off your brain and go for it!

Essentially Me said...

That's what the blog is for, right? It will come to you.


egan said...

Yes, keep plugging away. As EM says, it will come to you. Joy is correct too, just type and magically stuff appears. If it doesn't make sense, I will make sure you know this. Cheers!

Chris said...

Joy - Good advice, the old fre-write exercises I used to do should help.

Essentially Me - "Soryoid?" That's a silly-funny word. Thanks for the encouragement.

Egan - I'm glad I can count on you my friend to keep me in check. Shmagege.

brookem said...

keep on truckin' my friend!

Chris said...

Brookem - Thanks :)