Saturday, November 29, 2008

Getta Offa My Chesta

  • Not a fan of college football
  • Hate that college football takes over television on Saturdays
  • Made "Churkey Soup" today
  • Saw a funny foreign film today, a French one called "The Valet" - I recommend it
  • To reiterate the foolishness of "Black Friday", a WalMart employee was trampled to death by the morons who thought they had to be there at 5am to get a bargain - I hope every human that stepped on that guy gets cancer and suffers badly
  • I know, maybe I got carried away on that last one - not as much as those morons did - let's end black friday
  • December birthday shout outs (that I can recall off the top of my head): Jenn, Jill, Me, Kathleen White, My nephew Steven (I know there are others not on the top of my head - sorry).
  • Between Facebook & Twitter, I may never be truly productive again
  • I have a "physical" on Wednesday the 3rd and I feel like I have an exam I'm not ready for.
  • The NY Giants WR "accidentally" shot himself, in a nightclub - huh?


SM said...

Ha. You should see H.usker nation on game days. I can't even go out when there is a home game because it's so damn crazy.

Good luck with your physical!

Chris said...

SM - you live in one of those states where they are more rabid for the college team for lack of a pro team...right? Thanks for the luck!