Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Heard a Secret

Actually I read one. Oh, and it wasn't one, it was eighty of them. Some incredible blogger organized an even called "Blog Secret" and in total, there were 80 submissions.
I was totally blown away after reading some of these secrets and applaud all who had the courage to take part in such an event. There were so many that made me think and just tugged at my emotions.
There was one in particular that moved me just a little more than the others; you can read it here. The first line of it reads, "My wife is a male to female transsexual."
I don't care how liberal you are, it's a compelling opening line - just not nearly as compelling as the story that follows; which made me think deeper that perhaps anything I've ever read in my life.
Instead of commenting specifically on that post, go read it and you can read my comment there (which is loaded with typos).
I'll summarize here though - we really need to band together on human rights. There are enough complexities about life and the world we live in and we don't have to make things complex that need not be.
Let's define marriage. Let the definition of marriage refer to a bond between two consenting adults, there need be no reference of gender. Please, if you are inclined to respond with a reference to the bible, please don't respond - I am not interested in any reference to the bible that may say otherwise. The bible is a story book, not a rule book. Here in the real world there are human lives being affected.


SM said...

Blog Secret was interesting, definitely. I read quite a few that made me stop and think. And a few that made me feel better.

Joy said...

That's interesting and thought-provoking.

Chris said...

SM - many revelations, lots of stopping and thinking from here too.

Joy - it still blows me away...the whole thing