Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nasal Irrigation

This little device is my latest friend. It was recommended to me by a nurse a month or two ago and then I went into my obsessive research mode before settling on the idea of gravity based nasal irrigation through the use of a Neti Pot.

Yes, it's totally odd to pour liquid into my nose and even weirder that it ends up coming out of the other nostril. However, the end result thus far, after only three days, has been very positive; I breath better and I just feel better.

I have always had fucked up sinus issues and allergies so I am looking forward to see how this works out in the long term.

Any of you peeps out there have any nasal irrigation stories?


Essentially Me said...

What the ... this thing actually exists?! I thought that Dwight was just being a fucker when he was using Pam's teapot to show how he would pour hot water up his nose.

Joy said...

I use the Nasaline nasal irrigation system which has a plunger in a turkey baster type syringe. It's easier to use, I think, and does the same thing. Google it and notice the good prices for it at Amazon.


Chris said...

Essentially Me - It's the real deal! LOL, I forgot about Dwight - even funnier reference now that I am very clear on what he meant.

Joy - I've seen the Nasaline in action via video and I like it. I have always been leary of putting things in my nose so I went with the Neti Pot to start. I suspect in time I may move to a "positive pressure" based system (such as Nasaline). Thanks for hte feedback on it.

SM said...

I love daily nasal irrigation. For real! I don't have a neti pot, but I have the little bottle that you squeeze water up your nostril and it comes out the other side (it's the same manufacturer as the neti pot in the picture of your post, actually). I love it. I get lazy, though, and forget to do it until I have a bad allergy/sinus attack.

Joy said...

I was scared to do it because I thought I'd feel as if I were drowning, but it's not like that. I like the added pressure because it seems to make it work better.

I'd almost forgotten about using it and was glad for the reminder. I got it out and have been getting relief since then. Thanks for that post!

Chris said...

SM - I'm glad you told me you use the squeeze bottle and didn't follow it with "it's the most frightening thng..." I'm considering already moving either to that or a similar typ product.

Joy - glad to be of assistance :)