Monday, November 03, 2008

Out of Context

“She’s got one big, really attractive bush.”

That's what I heard. I was sitting at my desk, either working on something really important or not, my head buried in my desk and all of a sudden, I did the double-take after hearing those words.

I looked up at a nearby colleague and said what I (thought I) heard and her reply was either verification, or one of intervention on behalf of me finally having cracked; of course I took it as verification.

Anyway, it seems the discussion I overheard was related to an assortment of shrubs in the yard. Yeah!


egan said...

Have you considered getting your ears checked or eavesdropping less?

Chris said...

Egan - I confess that my hearing has been compromised by years of loud concerts and rock clubs back in the day. However, those were the words spoken. Stop eavesdropping? Never! How else would I learn anything?