Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Teacher's Lament

I just finished "marking" an exam and it's just so darn depressing to see these scores. 19 people took the test, only 6 got passing scores (2 by 4 points). The class average was 57.79 (influence by 2 high scores, a 100 and a 95).

This was an easy exam. I told the students that the best way to prepare was to do the additional exercises in the text. I took this exam right from those exercises.

They just don't give a crap. It's so hard to believe - they pay to take the class, why don't they care?


Airam said...

Sigh. I wish I knew.

Airam said...

Oh and my word verification was


sounds like english

Rob C said...

I wonder.. do these "kids" pay their own way or does somebody else?

I can't imagine if somebody was paying their own way, which means they were working to be there.. they would be doing all the work to get what they can out of the class.

Word verification --- phafter

Chris said...

Airam - Me too! Love the spelling - based on your post, that would be how I'd Imagine you saying English would sound while under the weather as you were.

Rob - It's bafling - they need to spend some time in Brighton Beach.

Joy said...

It's an epidemic! They don't learn how to think critically and don't care.

LOL My word verification is laziess! That's it!