Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Top Chef Inspired Post

Top Chef: New York is about to premiere on Bravo - if you've never watched this show or have been looking for a reality show to watch that's different, this might be the one for you to try. My only issue is all I want to do is eat when I watch it but then again, who am I kidding? All I wanna do is eat all the time :)
I happen to like to cook, and bake and I learned early on how very different both of these are. I would love to go through the entire culinary school experience but if I had to make a specific choice, I think the pastry chef option might appeal to me just a little more (even though while I have a creative mind, I don't consider myself all that artistic, which may make being a pastry chef much harder.
Have you ever watched Alton Brown? Not only is he utterly entertaining but he gets into a little of the science of foods and cooking them. Learning about the properties of food really opens up the palette of possibilities for creating recipes.
Baking is like science class made fun - the recipe is actually a formula and the end result is dependent on chemical, eh?
All right, I am out of here for now.

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