Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 The Year in Review - Part 1: The Blog

  • Saw III disappointed, but I survived.
  • In the cupcake vs. muffin debate, nothing much was resolved other than I am gluttonous for either.
  • I learned who Jon Lajoie was and laughed at the video for High as Fuck.
  • The first snow day of 2008 happened.
  • A former colleague was killed in a tragic accident.
  • I got turned on to Pandora.
  • The Winter Reunion took place on the 19th at Chez DeCoursey.
  • My 800th blog post.
  • I got deeper into the political landscape of our land than ever before.
  • 31 days - 31 posts.
  • I began by 5th fundraising drive for Project Bread - The Walk for Hunger.
  • The Patriots lost the super bowl - a sad end to a great season but they still did it with class.
  • The ashes on my forehead looked like a fleur-de-lis.
  • I committed to purchase far more Girl Scout cookies than I should have.
  • The Grammy's sucked.
  • Jane Fonda said the word "Cunt" on national television.
  • I was neutral on the evil scale.
  • I found out I'm and ENFJ.
  • I fessed up to an 8th grade cheating habit.
  • I realized how ignorant I was on the topic of Native Americans - the hard way.
  • 29 days - 29 posts.
  • Jeff Healey R.I.P.
  • Rob started his blog.
  • A meme in photo's.
  • "Early" Easter.
  • Michael Stipe made me laugh!
  • 31 days - 31 posts.
  • I created the MassBay National Poetry Month blog.
  • I saw Avril Lavigne - what made is special is that a good friend of mine was her lead guitar player for the show and the whole world tour.
  • I cranked out a few poems for National Poetry Month.
  • I got 3 Yahtzee's in a single game - 436!
  • I saw the Stones in IMAX.
  • I discovered the joy of "The Coffee House" channel on SIRIUS.
  • I was disgusted by an infomercial for the "PedEgg".
  • I was caught off guard by an eavesdropping student.
  • 30 days - 30 posts.
  • My 900th post.
  • I completed my 5th Walk for Hunger.
  • I got a stomach sick thing that lasted longer than I wanted (I assume to this day a food poisoning of sorts).
  • I discovered a penis on the ceiling of my living room.
  • I learned that my credit score was a whoppingly awesome 930.
  • David Cook won American Idol.
  • I had a new roof installed on my house.
  • After 149 consecutive days of posting, I missed a day.
  • Turns out my name is sexy.
  • I officially became an Obama supporter (I previously supported Hillary Clinton).
  • Stephanie won Top Chef.
  • Tim Russert passed away - R.I.P.
  • I digitized my cassette version of Steinbeck's "Travel's with Charley".
  • I coined the word "conficockydence" (I think).
  • I am an "aquamarine".
  • I finally burned the U2 from SNL (which took place in November of 2004) onto DVD for posterity.
  • The greatest comic ever, George Carlin, passed away.
  • I talked about how much I love my Keurig Coffee machine and in return, Keurig sent me free coffee.
  • Larry Harmon died.
  • I was grossed out at SuperCuts and at DQ.
  • I heard of "Shabby Chic" for the first time.
  • I started playing Mob Wars.
  • Summer reunion in Macungie, PA.
  • VEGAS baby!
  • I began tweeting.
  • I saw Springsteen on a very rainy evening at Gillette stadium.
  • Had an odd experience at the Honeybaked Ham Co.
  • I saw Rod Stewart live on a very rainy evening at the Comcast Center.
  • My 1000th post.
  • I made a funny mash up.
  • A colleague left for another job - she'll is still missed.
  • Mystery finger thing.
  • I mocked Daisy Fuentes in a strange way.
  • I started trying to like Chelsea Handler (for something other than her rack :)
  • I went back to watch every episode of The Office.
  • Rob came to town and we hung out in Boston and did "Haunted Happening" in Salem.
  • I spent some quality time at Walden Pond.
  • Went apple picking for the first time.
  • Baked Apple Pie for the first time.
  • Baked even more apple pies.
  • President Obama - history!
  • I did a magic trick in church.
  • I finally became a nasal irrigator.
  • Compiled links to all of my Haiku posts.
  • F&%# off US automakers!
  • Turned 44.
  • 2 feet or so of snow.
  • ???


Pablo de Tártaro said...

I really enjoy your review!!! =) Have a good new year!!!

Greetings from Mazatlan, Mexico.

SM said...

Wow...what a year, eh? I like seeing all the different years in review that people are posting. This one is awesome as it's very easy to read. Bullet points!

Chris said...

Pablo - Thanks for stopping by - glad you like my review.

SM - thanks - I like to go back and review all my blog posts to do this, just kind of as a reminder.