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2008 The Year in Review - Part 4: The Podcasts

Last year I offered up a neat montage culled from the podcasts I recorded in that year. This year, I offer links to each month's collection of offerings along with the summaries that went with them. All are available on iTunes for free; use From A Whisper to a Scream as your search criteria in the podcast department of the iTunes store.
Again, I was going strong with podcasting and them it died off - mostly because they consume a great deal of time to record and...well I don't actually know. I do like doing them, I just haven't lately.

Three from the Road

A compilation of three stories recorded on a digital recorder while driving.
  1. "Buy or Go Bye-Bye" - a mis-adventure at BJ's wholesale club where I was forced to leave nearly $200 worth of merchandise on the counter while I walked away angry.
  2. "Saved by an Impatient Stranger" - going through a yellow light is bad, but going through a red is worse, especially when there's a cop waiting in the wings.
  3. "McStupid Idea" - My 2 cents on the idea of McD's opening cafe's.

Headache and Music

A bit o' chit chat about the Winter Reunion 2008 and why my head hurts.
Back to "the Music of My Years" - 1984-1989

I Think I'm Turning Japanese

  • Barack Obama gets a mega-endorsement.
  • The Japanese get days off for a broken heart.
  • Some selections from "The Music of My Years" (1990-1994).
    Poking fun at Bush.

Would You Rather...

Bits and pieces of thinks all pulled together via software:
  • A series of "Would you Rather" questions
  • My very brief "interview" with fashion guru Michael Kors at the Grammy awards
  • Just a couple of songs from "The Music of My Years"
  • And a few other gems.

How I Met Carol

  • Have you done your taxes yet?
  • How I Met Carol DeCoursey
  • The Music of My Years 1997-1999

Icicles and Indians at Sears

  • Look out for falling icicles in Russia
  • A BIG FUCK YOU to the Mashantucket Pequot Indians
  • The fading legend of Sears Roebuck & Co.

Stuff in the Truemor Mill

  • Musician Jeff Healey dead at the age of 41.
  • Stories from the website Truemors:
    -Woman finds half-naked man watching porn in her home
    -Teenage girl allergic to water
    -1 in every 99 Americans in Prison
  • A local story about two woman breaking into a fist fight at Chuck-E-Cheese of all places
  • Plus, hear my cat Oliver Meow!

Chasing Cars and Mixing it Up

  • Talking a bit more about stepping out of reality.
  • Maryann from Gilligan's Island gets Arrested; and, she's 69 years old!
  • One of the first times I ever asked out a girl; and how she beat me up-ish.
  • Some Random tidbits.

Pot Brownies and Other Oddities

  • Be careful what you eat. A story of how alleged "pot brownies" forced me to exercise.
  • Getting bullied in elementary school.
  • Silly moments from the classroom.
  • What I am reading and watching.

Record Store and So Much More

  • I am talking about Record Stores,what they mean to me, and what happens if they all go away.
  • My goofy DVR schedule.
  • A reading from The Prophet in honor of National Poetry Month.
  • A few shenanigans.

Weather it Be a Podcast

  • Recalling Easter's blog post, I read Gene Robinson's reflection as he considers the 5 year anniversary of his consecration as a Bishop. However, the controversy that surrounded the fact that he is an openly gay man caused a schism in the church and raised human rights issues that affect everyone.
  • Meteorology, is it the real thing?
  • And to lighten the load a bit, hear me list the items currently in my refrigerator.

The Podcast Returns

  • Welcome back after a 3 week hiatus from podcasting.
  • A little bit o'chit-chat.
  • Lasik Surgery
  • Politics - where I risk getting into trouble (with Republicans)
  • Some future podcast plans.

Funky Soda and Stuff

  • Checking out a hot "new" (to me) CD from Sly & Robbie
  • Grand Central, call me!
  • Funky Soda
  • Some Random Podcast Moments (from in the classroom)
  • Update on my Dunkin Donuts project

On the Road to Yip Yap

  • Shooting from the hip behind the wheel of my Jeep.
  • An odd story about a guy who got screwed out of his seat on a JetBlue flight.
  • Survivor-16 seasons down the road and still going strong.
  • Which TV show cast would I most like to hang with?

Tires Optional

  • Bird watching from my window.
  • Hello Jill, can we see you in Bloggerville once more?
  • My "flat" tire story with a happy ending.
  • There's a twin in my belly.
  • The great MAC vs. PC debate - take 1432.9

I Missed a Day

After 149 posts in 149 consecutive days from January 1st through May 28th, I missed a day on Thursday, May 29th; unintentionally.
This is a look at the journey, more accurately, the streak - how it started, how it ended, and where we go from here.
*** No Podcasts ***

The Return of the Podcast featuring Live Material from Las Vegas

After a two month absence, the podcast edition of From a Whisper to a Scream returns with highlights from Las Vegas including:
  • About 5 seconds of me singing
  • "The Bend-Over Test" by Cuzzup
  • A brief warning from a shuttle bus driver
  • A Big Boo to the Rio hotel, a report from the buffet
  • Group sing-a-long on the shuttle to the Rio Hotel (a different night from the buffet disaster)
  • The National Scrabble Championships, of all things

The Journey to The Boss

Hear the entire story how I managed to get tickets to see Bruce Springsteen on a night that the weather, the fans, and Springsteen himself helped make memorable. And, hear about the show itself as well.

NOTE: I've remixed the original so the sound should be a little better.

If you wish to skip past the lengthy story of how I ended up with tickets and the road to the stadium and exploring the stadium or anything leading up to the show and just want to hear about the show itself, forward to about the 15 minute mark.

An Essentially Inspired Podcast

Before I turned 30 I was essentially offered a jog to teach at the College of the Bahamas and turned it down and yes, I regretted and perhaps still to some degree regret that choice because it wasn't made the way a decision like that should be made. Here's my story.

The Mash Up and More

Topics include:
  • My weekend in beer exploration
  • My visit to the Museum of Science to see the "Baseball is America" exhibit
  • A (very) brief moment in politics
  • Peculiar facts about the human body
  • -An entertaining and crazy "Email Mashup" that ya gotta hear to believe
*** No Podcasts ***
*** No Podcasts ***

Leveling out the Emotional Day of a Historic Election

Yacking it up, out of laziness and unwillingness to type, some mish mash as I attempt to sort out and come down from the emotional roller coaster that was Election Day 2008.
*** No Podcasts***

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