Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 The Year in Review - Part 5: Television and Some Last Words Except the Ones I'll Forget

I spent alot of time in from of the tube in 2008. There was plenty of reality shows: Survivor, Amazing Race, Top Chef, The Next Food Network Star, Design Star, Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars, Project Runway...I feel like I might even be missing some I am sad to say.
I rocked The Office and House very regularly (every episode) as well as (hold your breath and try not to think less of me) General Hospital. I dug The Sarah SIlverman Show, Bizarre Foods, No Reservations with Tony Bourdain and some others here and there.
I went back and watched every episode of The Office from past seasons and recently began working my way through Season 1 of 30 Rock and am amidst the third season of The Soprano's. I am the proud owner of all 5 seasons of The Odd Couple; my all time favorite show. Have I mentioned that I like TV?
I FaceBook'd quite a bit in 2008 having gotten hooked on a little game called Mob Wars and reconnected with some friends I haven't seen in many years.
I began to Twitter after learning about it at of all things, a conference (where I met Steve Wozniak).
Dearest Brookem lost her beloved grandparents. Amanda gave birth to a beautiful boy. Tori inspired me with her courage and resilience. Author and friend Erin's first book hits the street in 36 days. Egan and Sprizee made me better understand why their neck of the woods is sometimes referred to as "The Great" Northwest. My buddy Steve toured the world. Oliver (my cat) proved he too has a crush on EM.
I taught my first fully online course in 2008. I thought about the "serenity" prayer more times than I wished I had to. I paid as much as $4.299 for a gallon of gas and as little as $1.599.
Right now, Lionel Richie is singing "Dancing on the Ceiling" on my TV set and I wish I was somewhere other than where I am right now. Less than 2 hours in 2008 and I guess here comes 2009, ready or not.
My friends here in Bloggerville, please know that you are special to me. You are all a part of what I feel every day and my wish for you in 2009 is that you find some peace and some joy.
With love and adoration...


Joy said...

And you are special to me! Keep on blogging!!

Happy New Year!

Chris said...

Joy - :) Ditto Darlin'