Monday, December 01, 2008

Ring in December

December already? I seem to say this so much more frequently than I once did and should, but where the heck does time go?
They finally admitted we are in a recession. Duh! I knew that way back and I am no financial mogul - denying it didn't mean it wasn't's to moving ahead and hopefully putting the pieces back together.
I don't know about you, but I find it foolish for all these news stations to be touting how they have the best and fanciest weather equipment. Why bother spending millions on equipment to predict the weather incorrectly? Grab anyone with a bad set of knees, it's all you need.
I'm watching the 10pm news and they are showing a Boston Red Sox casket; and urns. And yes, they are officially licensed by MLB.
I often say that if I struck it rich that I would be different. I wouldn't let it get to my head. I'd do it right. I'd love to find out if hat's true or not.
I should probably have an energy audit done on my house.


Joy said...

I like your ADD post! I can follow when you jump around from topic to topic.

egan said...

Well, you got to convince the viewers your station is better than the other local stations. It's also how they attract employees. Sort of like how the Yankees get high priced free agents instead a team like the Pirates.


Chris said...

Joy - It was semi-inspired by Andy Rooney.

Egan - You are correct, I agree, but it's still sillynuts.