Friday, December 19, 2008


Piles of snow were in the forecast, so it was no surprise. I had already planned for the whole day off as I was patiently awaiting a delivery scheduled between the hours of 8:30 and 1:30 - the snow didn't begin until around noonish, or maybe oneish.

When the snow started, it came down fast and furious and stayed that way for many hours and come 10pm, as it slowed somewhat, I felt it necessary to go out and play with the snowthrower. Here are some things I must bullet:
  • I hate the fucking snow when it disrupts my world.
  • My snowthrower reminded me that it too is ageing.
  • I need warmer boots.
  • I need better gloves.
  • Why do the town plows have to maul the sidewalk so badly?
  • Every time I use the snowthrower I sometimes wish I had a plow on my jeep.
That's all for now.


Joy said...

Sorry! My friend who lives in Andover said there's nowhere to put the snow and it piles up there in Boston.

It was in the upper 60's here today and felt like spring. We're enjoying it while we can since it's supposed to be 30 degrees colder Sunday and maybe snow some. Not like you have. I probably shouldn't have mentioned that about the temperature right now.

Chris said...

Joy - go ahead and flaunt it darling, I won't be angry at you - just envious :)