Monday, December 15, 2008

This is Nuts!

This is the label from the container of my lunch. I show it to you not to prove that I can eat healthy (especially since 15 minutes after eating it I ate about 30 tootsie rolls). I offer up this label because something about it bothers me greatly.
The container was a clear cup so you could see everything in it, including the delightfully delicious Pecans (pronounced pee-cons, as Emeril says, a Pee-can is something truck drivers use). Notice how they list all of the ingredients as well: non-fat vanilla yogurt, bananas, strawberries, pecans...then...
...then, the insane part kicks in, "contains nuts."
Contains nuts!!!
No fucking kidding, a pecan is a fucking nut - you already list the pecans, you display them for all to see, are there people so fucking stupid that can't figure out that the pecans are nuts?
Such a litigious society we live in that we are compelled to require that the label state that nuts are included in the nuts?
Oh, the sadness.


Joy said...

Think about some of our students. They can't be too careful. LOL

SM said...

Ha! Funny.

Maybe some people don't know a pecan is a nut?? I honestly wouldn't be surprised at all.

brookem said...

ha! i mean, maybe they need to have that exact phrase on things now as a warning label.
seems pretty damn redundant, though.

Chris said...

Joy - good point.

SM - I wouldn't be surprised either but that to me is the sadness.

Brookem - it's a redendant redundancy :)