Thursday, December 04, 2008

What Was That?

On my way out to lunch and I get to the stairwell and as I begin my descent, there are two girls walking up and all I hear of their conversation is the following line, "I remember the position…" Now how is one to interpret that?

I actually figured out later what they were talking about. Both are "Rad-Tech" students and they were discussing Radiographic Positioning; more specifically, stuff they had on their exam.

Back when I worked as an Account Executive for an advertising company, we had a colleague, Ed Madigan. Ed was a great guy but had a very unique spin on the English language creating what we used to refer to as "Madiganisms."

At one point, I decided to keep a notebook on my desk and jot down every one of them; boy, I wish I still had that notebook cause there was some funny stuff.

Have you got any funny lines that you may recall overhearing, or, heaven forbid, may have uttered yourself that you wish to share?

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