Saturday, January 03, 2009

12 CD's for a Penny? No More

Growing up, it was the Columbia House Music Club that offered x number of records (the vinyl kind) for a penny (push shipping and handling of course). Sure, you had to commit to purchasing y number of records at the astronomical "regular" price but that never stopped us.

Not sure when BMG came into effect but back in 1985, when CD's first came out, there was both Columbia House and BMG with their crazy offers and between both clubs, a series of mysteriously "lost" shipments and ending membership only to rejoin later made it relatively easy to grow a CD collection at a reasonable aggregate cost per CD.

A few years back, Columbia House folded and BMG cranked up the 12 CD for a penny offerings and I had continued as a member on an off right up through early 2008. Anyway, I was surprises to learn that BMG recently closed membership.

I remember that my own very first vinyl LP was Book of Dreams by The Steve Miller Band as well as the others that came in my first Columbia House shipment more than 30 years ago. Odd to think they're all gone now.

Evidently the parent company of BMG has launched a new service model called but it isn't the same. Oh, the memories...I could fill a blog with....

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Essentially Me said...

Columbia House! I forgot about those pushy bastards!