Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Anatomy of a Poem

On Monday I shared a poem I wrote and and today, I break that poem down to describe in greater detail what was going on inside my head (and my heart) while I was writing it.
Here's a peek inside how "Intimate Strangers" was born:
We're intimate strangers
With too much at stake
Neither could stand
Yet another heartbreak

We hadn't known each other for a long time but we were digging each other and having a good time. However, we were both treading lightly for fear of gong down the wrong road, once again.
We've been ill together
We've even shared the cure
We've baited the hook
And been teased by the lure

The first two lines are some interpersonal double entendre. We had both come down with the flu and gotten over it - it was kind of cutesy at the time how it fell into place but it was actually a total coincidence. The fact is that we were both very into the Beastie Boys brilliant sophomore effort, Paul's Boutique, at the time. "Illin'" is a goofy rap word that we used to poke fun at so that's how that got in there and the cure part...or first date was seeing "The Cure" in concert at Giant's stadium. The line about baiting the hook and teased by the lure was a bit of interplay that I felt worked really well to tie in the idea, as I mentioned previously, that we were treading lightly.
Both, too lonely not to try
But too scared from the start
So we share our love
Without sharing our hearts

Bottom line, were got physical while prolonging avoiding the emotional; or rather, addressing the emotional.
Now we're caught in the middle
Of this confusing affair
Two intimate strangers
Who really do care

Addressing the emotional through implication.
So where do we go
And how do we deal
'Cause I want to stop hiding
The way that I feel

Enough skating around the fact that this is more than physical, for me, it is more and I need it to be more for you too.
Two lost poets
In a maze of confusion
Hoping this love
Isn't just an illusion

We both wrote poetry, we were both confused - pretty straight forward and to the point. For me though, I wanted it to be real and one of my problems was that I often led myself to believe there was more simply because that was my desire.
So let us find out
We'll do it together
In the end – it will be
You and me, forever

We're intimate strangers
With too much at stake
Let's be together
Before it's too late

Look, this has been great so far, we dig each other right? Let's step it up - let's go for it. If it's what we both want then let's just go for it and stop wasting time thinking about whether or not we should step it up.

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Chris said...

I received an email indicating that Anonymous left a comment, "you and your wife were growing apart but you still love her you have been through a lot to gether and it is not worth trowing it away "

I don't know who anonymous is and why they felt necessary to remain anonymous and delete their comment (unless they realized how ridiculous and inaccurate it is since that poem was written many, many years before I ever knew of my ex-wife's existence).