Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blu Ray

I bought a Blu Ray DVD player recently because I got a great deal on it from a dude on craigslist and it is a model that has Netflix streaming built into it.

First - I should explain that I've made amends with Netflix. I held a grudge against them for a couple of years when I was last a member because I felt they were withholding shipments to "slow down" service and they couldn't deny it. However, I rejoined recently since they started streaming movies in addition to their mail service.

I had been streaming things to my PC, which is cool in itself but now with this player connected to my TV, it's really a neat item and makes the service a considerably better value and I am enjoying it thus far.

I watched my first Blu Ray disc today, "Elton 60"; which is the concert he did to celebrate both his 60th birthday and the 60th time he's performed at Madison Square Garden in NYC (several times of which I've attended).

The Blu Ray thing is cool - I'll comment more in depth perhaps after I've watched a few films, which I have in the wings.

For now, I am outta here.


Joy said...

I'm interested in hearing about this. I'll be getting an HDTV soon and am exploring various "accessories" and don't know much about Blu-Ray.

Chris said...

Joy - Any scoop you want, just ask.