Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Change of Plans

I was going to spend some time breaking down "Intimate Strangers" today but I've been tied up working on stuff and instead, will dazzle you with mish mosh:
  • George W. has noredeeming qualities - a classless ass with a severe lack of brains.
  • There are temps to the left of zero in my very near future.
  • There are some public libraries that choose to "rent" DVD's for a buck per week. Can't complain about the value but for me, a library is supposed to be free.
  • I just acquired the audio version of David Sedaris' latest book, read by the author, and I am so looking forward to hearing it (I've listened to all of his other - amazing stuff).
  • Common joke growing up...."What's your name?" "My name is Lipschitz, Jacob Lipschitz." "Oh yeah? Well if you're Lipschitz, my ass talks!"
  • I know, juvenile.
  • I cut my own hair this past weekend - buzzed it way down.
  • I need some sleep. Goodnight. 530.

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