Sunday, January 25, 2009


I had committed to writing a reflection for this year's Lenten Devotional Guide. This is something I had done a few times before so I took on the commitment thinking, why not?
The due date for submission is today and I spent considerable time last night (and on several other previous occasions) reading the scripture pieces and I am totally stuck.
I don't know if I just ended up with some touch readings or my current life just has me blocked from the necessary creativity to make this work (that doesn't even make sense)...
I did find a common thread - Faith. However, here at 10:42pm I am still lost as to where to go with it.
I did manage to pull off an overly exhaustive analysis of the forthcoming Springsteen CD (due out this coming Tuesday) - see the two previous posts if you have any interest.
I bought a Don Williams anthology from iTunes this evening and have listened to most of it. I have loved Don Williams music for ages but haven't listened in some time - great stuff.
Oh well - catch ya all later.


egan said...

I'd give my right arm to see Lenten Vespers perform live.

Chris said...

Egan - The Lenten Vespers - great name for a Christian Rock Band.