Monday, January 12, 2009

Intimate Strangers

I wrote this poem back in 1989 and after reading it, I am pretty sure I recall what led me to write it. Rather than discuss that now, I thought I would offer up the poem and give you the opportunity to give the words meaning.

Let me know if it means something to you or if you would like to delve into what it means, and/or meant, to me. The second verse in particular refers to something very specific but I am curious how it might be interpreted (I realize this is no Gibran, but it was significant to me at that time)…I hope you enjoy:

Intimate Strangers

We're intimate strangers
With too much at stake
Neither could stand
Yet another heartbreak

We've been ill together
We've even shared the cure
We've baited the hook
And been teased by the lure

Both, too lonely not to try
But too scared from the start
So we share our love
Without sharing our hearts

Now we're caught in the middle
Of this confusing affair
Two intimate strangers
Who really do care

So where do we go
And how do we deal
'Cause I want to stop hiding
The way that I feel

Two lost poets
In a maze of confusion
Hoping this love
Isn't just an illusion

So let us find out
We'll do it together
In the end – it will be
You and me, forever

We're intimate strangers
With too much at stake
Let's be together
Before it's too late

© 1989 Christopher Daniele


Essentially Me said...

I won't even begin to analyze that but I have to say that it is beautiful!

Chris said...

EM - thanks a bunch.

Anonymous said...

you and your wife were growing apart but you still love her you have been through a lot to gether and it is not worth trowing it away