Monday, January 19, 2009

(Long) Weekend Update

  • With the exception of moving snow from the driveway, I didn't leave my house from Friday evening through Monday evening (I finally went out for a short time around 4pm today).
  • I didn't shave all weekend and will be sporting the beginning of a goatee (technically a Van Dyke) for work tomorrow (for the first time in a couple of years).
  • I watched 7 movies.
  • I watched 2 episodes of 30 Rock (from season 2).
  • I watched 4 episodes of The Sopranos (from season 4).
  • I read some from each of the two books I'm currently reading.
  • I cleaned the fireplace and dirtied it up again.
  • I moved lots of snow.


Joy said...

This sounds like my life! I love it when I have those days in a row like that when I can stay in and be comfortable.

Endless Randomness said...

Thats a lot of screen time! Which movies did you watch though?

Chris said...

Joy - I don't usually like staying in but it was super cold and snowy so I made do.

Endless Randomness - they are:
1. Clerks 2
2. Smart People
3. Mamma Mia!
4. Conversations with God
5. The Departed
6. Deception
7. Two for the Road