Friday, January 02, 2009

Memories of Fried Bologna

I don't recall what prompted me to do this as it wasn't a family tradition or even something I recall ever doing before doing it. Perhaps I overheard someone doing it or saw it on TV or something but regardless, I plopped a pat of butter in the frying pan and then slapped a slice of bologna on top of it.
I don't remember how old I was but I recall that I was pretty young. I watched the sizzling of the butter as it married the fat from the bologna and in short time, the center of the bologna puffed up in such a way that is looked something like a sombrero.
After the hat like bologna danced around a bit I flipped it to reveal a lovely browning that I know will soon bring a crispiness to to my luncheon meat. I slip another pat of butter in the pan maneuvering it under the slice of bologna then press it down flat with a spatula and excited at the sizzles as my mouth began to water.
In anticipation of the fried bologna, I retrieve the two slices of toast that have popped and add a layer of butter to one before placing the bologna on top only to complete the sandwich after yet another later of butter on the other piece of toast.
The final step before eating is to cut the sandwich in half and of course, it must be done diagonally or it just wouldn't taste as good.
Great, now I am hungry!


Joy said...

I remember fried bologna sandwiches. Somehow I think they might not taste as good now, but it's possible. You try one and let me know. OK?

Chris said...

Joy - I'm pretty confident they wouldn't be as good now as then but I also have a feeling it wouldn't be that bad either.