Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Truth Revealed

A few days ago I posted "11 Random Lies and 1 Truth". I've enjoyed the feedback both here and on FB and as promised, I'll reveal the truth here today.
  1. I have 6 toes on my left foot.
    Each of my feet has the expected 5 toes.
  2. Blood is currently coming out of my right ear.
    The question you have to ask is "when?". At the time I wrote the list, there was no blood coming from anywhere in me to anywhere out of me.
  3. I once used a 3 hole punch to make bologna polka-dots.
    At some point in the future, I hope to do this because as I made it up while typing this, I realized how fun that would be and how me that is (as did Re Re).
  4. I wash my chest hair with Mayonnaise once a week to prevent it from going gray.
    You must admit this one had you thinking, perhaps even googling dare I say - it isn't true though.
  5. I like to put slices of fresh citrus fruits in the washer with my laundry.
    While I often have wondered if this would work, I have yet to try it.
  6. I've fantasized about knitting on the subway wearing nothing but snakeskin boots.
    This happens to be...false (at least for now).
  7. Toothpaste is my favorite snack food.
    This isn't true either but it stems from a silly joke I wrote about how my secret ingredient in Mint Fudge Brownies is toothpaste....minty delicious and no need to brush your teeth after eating them.
  8. Wombats can only be impregnated on Thursday's.
    Just being silly.
  9. I offered a hand job to someone before I knew what a hand job was.
    Many of you wanted this to be true so in an effort to not disappoint you, completely, while this isn't true, I once inadvertently asked a hair dresser for a "cut and a blow job".
  10. I'll make millions of my new invention: Chocolate Covered Brussel Sprouts (Belgian Chocolate of course).
    Did anyone get the built-in joke with this falsie?
  11. I like to fill the holes in Swiss cheese with other kinds of cheese.
    Someday, I'd like to do this while hanging out with Airam, she seemed to like this one as much as I did when I made it up.
  12. I've stood in a wrestling ring with a professional wrestler.
    Tada! Cuzzhuzz guessed correctly! In the 70's and 80's I was a huge wrestling fan. One time, they had wrestling at my high school and I was able to get a security job to work the gig through the promoter. There was an awkward moment when I walked into the locker room only to find a bunch of wrestlers playing a card game that they were serious enough about to ream me and then toss em out of the locker room. Anyway, after the event ended, a few of us working the gig got to go in the ring when one of the wrestlers joined us in the ring to shoot the breeze and hang with us.
So, there you have it!

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