Friday, February 06, 2009

Bang Your, Actually, My Head

When I was working in the advertising business (I know, sounds odd perhaps -  I'll save that for another post though), we all used to work very long hours. As such, we often came up with things to do to loosen up and shake off a long week's work.
A group of the guys who played music decided to get together one night a week at a rehearsal space just across from the office. One of these nights, I thought I'd tag along just to hang out, imbibe a bit, and watch.
It's always been a fantasy of mine to be a front man. So, after a number of beers, I thought it would be fun to play the role in this non-threatening environment and in mattered not that my singing voice absolutely sucks.
So I get up there and find some level of comfort in the microphone as the guys figure out what song they want to play. Once the song selection was firm, the guys started to play, I grabbed the microphone and did this lead singer leap thing - only thing is, just above my head, literally, was a set of pipes. I didn't notice the pipes, I was caught up in a fantasy.
I took the leap, smashed into the pipes, got knocked out cold. That's me, a class act and a memorable performance.


Kaylen said...

Ha, I love it! That's totally something I might do...

Joy said...

I can just picture it all! And I could have done that, too!