Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cancel the Oscars!

Holy Crap does this show suck!!! Why the fuck is it necessary? I know the ratings aren't all that any longer, why not cancel the boredom and just announce the winners during commercial breaks of regular prime time programming?
I feel like I am cheating the greatness that is/was The Soprano's by burying this here in the same post as the crappy Oscar broadcast rant but here I am just the same doing just that.
Today, I completed watching The Soprano's and without hesitation, I can say that this is easily one of, if not the, greatest dramatic series in the history of television. Brilliant writing, acting, and everything in between.
Two films I watched and enjoyed over the weekend:
"The Groomsmen"  written and directed by the very talented Edward Burns. I really enjoyed this film and thought the casting was brilliant.
"The Devil Wears Prada" is there any better actress than Meryl Streep? I think not.


Essentially Me said...

I never watch the oscars. I didn't even watch the pre-show this year.

Chris said...

EM - It just never amounts to anything more than a waste of time.