Monday, February 09, 2009

Losing Faith in a Leader

I supported Deval Patrick for governor of Massachusetts - today, I begin losing faith as he appears to be making decisions irrationally.
I know we as a nation are in a bad way, our state is also in a bad financial position, mostly created by any years of ridiculous Republican stupidity.
However, while our debt is vast, we can't be hasty in the decision as to how to pay it down. At first, he planned on doubling all tools on the Mass Turnpike (including all bridges and tunnels). Imagine going to the supermarket tomorrow and the price on every item was twice what it was the day before? Clearly this is not a sane decision and it was basically keboshed.
So today, we hear that his alternate plan is to raise the gas tax by a whopping 27 cents per gallon, more than doubling it to the highest rate in the country. What the fuck is going through this man's head?
It took 20+ years of stupidity and mismanagement to get us into this mess, let's not make a stupid choice in haste thinking there is any chance to pay this debt down so quickly.

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