Tuesday, February 24, 2009


When the President was announced and walked through the chamber doors, I choked up, a tear came to my eye, and I felt hope. An hour or so later, I feel pride, more hope, and passion for the possibility of a renewal of what this country means to those who are its citizens.
In other news, it was Pancakes and Jambalaya for dinner at church in celebration of "Shrove Tuesday" and the kickoff of lent. I was a great time for fellowship.
I get immense enjoyment from observing my cat - he is one entertaining mofo.
Smile and tell someone that you love that you love them.


Joy said...

I felt the same way during the speech. I just love saying President Obama!

The Shrove Tuesday dinner sounds good! We always just had pancakes.

Chris said...

Joy - The Jambalaya was a nice touch.