Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidential Confessions of a Lax Blogger

I have been somewhat absent from Bloggerville both with posting regularly and with reading and commenting. It would be easy to blame Twitter and Facebook but the truth is my brain seems to currently only be working in single sentences at the moment.

I am writing this after completing the "Income" section in TurboTax and before I get to the deductions, I thought I would stop by and say hello to all of my Bloggerville friends.

In fact, one of our friends, "Radioactive Girl" Tori, is undergoing surgery today. I hope that all of you, if you haven't already, find some time to send prayers, positive thoughts, well wishes, etc. to Tori and her family.

Later this afternoon I am going to a friends house who won my services as a computer professional for 2 hours by bidding $150.00 at a silent auction. YAY!

For now, I must return to IRS obligations so until later, be well my lovelies.


SM said...

Have fun with the IRS. I'm glad that my husband took care of ours already. Me want money.

Chris said...

SM - It was funner than I thought it was going to be.

Joy said...

I'm getting ready for Turbo Tax, too. I'll probably do it next week.

Chris said...

Joy - I hope your luck ends up as good as mine did.