Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Springsteen Set List Prediction

I write this at 4:25pm, hours in advance with no prior knowledge of what will actually take place. I don't much care about the game itself as my Patriots are not included and will not watch the game itself. If you asked me if I had a team preference and forced me to actually choose, I'd go with Arizona for two reasons.
First, Arizona has never tasted that victory while the Pittsburgh franchise has won five times.  Second, growing up, I was a Dallas Cowboys fan and the Steelers were considered fierce rivals.
Now, onto the important stuff, Springsteen and his set list. The first consideration is that he has 12 minutes - that's it and it isn't negotiable enough to influence the set list (at least not from the perspective of predictor). Next, the purpose of him doing this, to promote a new album and then, the audience. His audience is a microcosm of the broader, vast audience typically associated with the Super Bowl.
Here's my bet:
1. "BTR" - Born to Run - grab the core group of his fans and let them be the fuel to feed the fire to the larger audience. If there is a signature song in the Bruce Springsteen repertoire, this is it and whether or not it's first, I'd be surprised if you don't hear it.
2. Working on a Dream - gotta promote the new album and what better way to do it than with the title track filled with hooks; hear it once, sing it all day.
3. Dancing in the Dark - considering the vast nature of the audience, this song is clearly the most commercially recognizable Springsteen song and fulfills the atmosphere Springsteen is quoted as wanting to create (a 12 minute party).
See ya all on the other side.

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