Tuesday, March 31, 2009


In my opinion, U2 is one of the most important rock bands in history. Their music and social consciousness have inspired and entertained generations.

Why is it then that they must stop to such dreadful tactics as charging $50 per year for a fan club membership and then screwing those who don't pay up the ability to get decent, if any, seats at one of their concerts?

I am not certain that I have ever been more disappointed or insulted by people I admire so greatly.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ooh Ooh That Smell

The percolating vapors of a strong pot of coffee wistfully waft their way throughout the house and awaken me moments before the alarm signals the new day.
* * * * *
So this is where the problems kicked in. I had this idea all day long about writing a fictional day in the life through the sense of smell. Ideas were kicking about through the day but when I sat here to write it, I suddenly am at a total loss for words and feelings.
I’m posting this anyway as a reminder of:
-the funk I need to bust out of.
-the idea, so I can perhaps get back to it when the words start to come as easily as they seem to escape me.
Much Love!

Friday, March 27, 2009

I am a Time Bandit

I consider myself a TEN but I am of the Time Bandit variety. What the heck am I talking about? Have I gone absolutely bonkers? Yes, I am officially hooked on all things that just might be - Too Beautiful To Live.
Too Beautiful To Live (TBTL), is a radio show that originates from 97.3 KIRO FM in Seattle. So, how does  a guy living almost as far east of Seattle as one can live and still be in the contiguous 48 United States get hooked or even hear about a local radio show thousands of miles away? In a word, Sprizee.
Sprizee mentioned how terrific the show is and that it is available via podcast. Not one to shy away from a recommendation (especially from someone like Sprizee whose recommendations are always right up there) or a podcast (one of my favorite methods of listening to anything) - so I gave it a try and I really like this show.
Luke, Jen, and Sean - you guys are awesome!
Thanks Sprizee for the recommendation.
For those of you interested, go to www.mynorthwest.com/tbtl.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cat Got My Tongue?

Quite frankly, I am baffled. In 2008, there were very, very few days that passed where there wasn't a thought running through my head that I wanted to post here on this blog in some form.
Here we are in 2009 and it has been quite the opposite. There is no shortage of topics out there in the real world - just drawing blanks up in the noggin.
Perhaps an argument could be made that the more trendy forms of social networking, Facebook and Twitter have me thinking in shorter bursts and while I do participate in those platforms, I don't think that is a contributor (at least not in a relevant way) the whatever it is that is making this project more difficult of late.
I know some things that are just wrong in my life right now. My health for one; not in a rare disease or terminal illness sort of way, I am just not taking care of my body the way I should be and it has a way of constantly reminding me. I kind of joked recently about one way to know you are getting older is getting up in the morning, hearing an odd sound and after searching for it's source, you realize it was you. I need to break out of my rut and start eating better and getting some exercise. I just need to get off my ass and do it already - I just need to fucking do it!
Anyway, I will continue to persevere and hope to find my way out of this little rut. Know that you are all very special to me and I am forever grateful to all of you and to this wonderful community of ours.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Little Diddy 'bout American Idol

I shall speak (hopefully) briefly on the top 13.

Adam - The guy clearly has talent though not in the genre of pop. For Adam to win would not, in my opinion, open any more doors than say coming in 5th or 6th. This guy has a vocal style best suited to theatre and I think he could be very successful in that arena but I don't see him selling records.

Alexis - This adorable young lady went home last night. Perhaps it's best to avoid the inevitable because I'm not sure she had the cops to win but I thought the notoriety of surviving the top ten would have been a big help to move her to the next level. I think she definitely had raw talent but needs some direction, which is going to be harder for her to get, I think, at this point.

Allison - a strong and mature vocal talent for someone so young but in my opinion, not ready for the big time. I think last nights result shows that she is definitely vulnerable but if she is patient and willing to work, could harvest a career int he music business.

Anoop (Dog Millionaire) - I admit that this week he came back strong but I personally can't find my way into taking him seriously.

Danny - I think this guy is the real deal - very sincere and has good vocal chops an interesting style of voice. Danny is a strong contender for the big prize and in my top three.

Jasmine and Jorge - I'll cover both together because they were eliminated, rightfully, last week. Jasmine could eventually mature into a singer if she works hard but is not ready now. Jorge has the ability to sing but has no clue how to use that talent and his personality annoyed the crap out of me.

Kris - I couldn't care less about him before this week and hate him him solely based on the girlish way he spells his name. However, his rendition of "To Make You Feel My Love" (a Bod Dylan song covered by Garth Brooks, among others) was stellar.

Lil - I hate her! I think she is grossly overrated and a major prima-donna. I bet her feet stink really bad.

Matt - His was the best performance of the week earning him a place in my top three. If Matt can stay focused and true to the style he seems to be developing, he's gonna remain a major contender (despite the large abscess that desperately needs lancing at the center of his large forehead).

Megan - very quirky and interesting. Very brave and strong-willed for performing with the flu. I also thought she looking smoking hot on Tuesday night!

Michael - I like this guy, he's the likeable Idol version of Joe the Plumber. He is talented but not the American Idol. He's one of those guys that could get eliminated and then pop up a year later, like that Josh Gracin, and end up successful).

Scott - This kid is really special and has oodles of talent; I love how genuine he is. Scott rounds out my top three.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Little Diddy 'bout DWTS

Belinda is a no go-go as she get the distinguished first to go on this season's DWTS extravaganza. The Woz will have a short life on the show but there is some joy to watching him while all I could focus on with Belinda is the incredible amount of Botox doing it's thing.

I am (not so) secretly routing for Melissa because: (a) I like the long-term storyline starting with her stay and "tragic" ending on "The Bachelor" and coming in as a last minute replacement with only 2 days to train for the first dance. (B) She wears those dancing outfits rather well. And, (C)Lo and behold, she can actually dance.

Gilles, along with Cheryl will remain stiff competition in the dance department. Oddly, I think as far as the popularity vote goes, I think Melissa has the edge over Gilles. In fact, I think Gilles professional partner Cheryl will attract more popularity based votes for their team than Gilles. Though it's a long way out from here, I wouldn't be surprised to see Gilles and Melissa in the finals.

As far as the rest of the "celebrities":
David Alan Grier - annoys the crap out of me.
Shawn Johnson - lots of potential, I suspect she'll be around a while.
Lil' Kim - I can't even look at that very odd face of hers. She seems to have some dance ability so I hope they brown bag that skull of hers.
Holly Madison - doing better than expected on the dance floor.
Ty Murray - march of the wooden rodeo star, and seems to be far less literate than his opponents.
Steve-O - has the potential for good drama and a good story. Clearly his popularity is influential to how long he'll be around.
Denise Richards - has potential, annoys me though and being the first cryer - not good!
Lawrence Taylor - he scares the bejesus out of me - always has. I don't think he'll be able to live up to the standards of some of the other football greats who've graced the DWTS stage (most notably, champion Emmitt Smith).
Chuck Wicks - I hate him because he's getting a piece of the super hot Julianne Hough (did I mention how hot she is?)

Tomorrow I will gay up this blog some more by talking American Idol...smooches!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Urban Dictionary Game

Stolen with love from Joy's FB
Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the FIRST definition it gives you.
Tag 10 people. (Consider yourself tagged if it tickles you to be tagged and not tagged of that is your preference).
Your name: Chris
A kid who is always up to party and have a good time.
Dude, I don't wanna go to that party unless Chris comes.
Your age? 44
.44 Magnum firearm.
My 44 make sure all yo' kids don't grow!
One of your friends? John
A person who uses the services of a prostitute.
Police ran a sting on the newcomer johns at the whorehouse.
What should you be doing? Napping
Code for having sex. Used primarily by ex-couples who try to fool roommates into believing they are not making the sex. Highly unsuccessful.
Dude, are you and Juli back together?
Nah, we were just napping.
Favorite color? Blue
The hue of the portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo, evoked in a human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 420 to 490 nanometers.
The sky is blue.
Birthplace? Brooklyn
Best borough of NYC. The home of many greats; rappers, actors, singers, locations for great movies, pizza, nail places, hair salons, etc.
Bklynz da shit man :)
Month of your birth? December
The month in which the hottest women are born.
That girl is FINE! She must have been born in December.
Last person you talked to? Mark
noun. A person identified as an easy target, or "sucker". A mark is always the short end of a joke or scam, and is never let in on what's going on. A mark is usually being cheated out of money. It's origin is from old English traveling carnivals from the late 1800s to early 1900s, where workers would refer to people paying to see their made up shows and games a "mark". not from urban gangsters like most people think. Mark is also the origin to the term "smark" or "smart mark" which is a person who know's he/she is being scamed.
This town has a lot of marks.
One of your nicknames? Computer Dude
“Computer Whore” - someone who refuses to socialize or do anything with their life in order to spend countless hours attached to the computer from any location possible. someone who would indeed die for their computer as they have already began to sacrifice personal hygiene just to stay on the computer. someone who drops everything in the instant they walk through the door just to get on the computer.
casey alan thomas aka "scott" gets up extra early in the mornings just to whore the comp, going to class and whoring his comp via remote desktop, whoring a laptop on the way home in the car, refusing to socialize in order to surf the internet aimlessly, refusing to brush his teeth in order to gain extra time on the computer, increased GWAM by 100% by whoring such a large extensive amount of time. example:
"jon where is scott" jon: "im not sure" scotts roommate: " hes whoring the comp for the 239473298473 hour" jons roommate: "dude how can one individual spend so much time on the computer" Example 2: scott goes to class, scott sits in class and uses the university computer to remote desktop to his computer so he can whore in class Response: what a fucking computer whore.

Type of car you drive? Jeep Cherokee
1. A Native American tribe in the United States
2. A type of Jeep that kicks ass, especially 4wd Jeep Cherokees
1. Dude, the Cherokee Native Americans are awesome
2. My Jeep Cherokee can go through mud like a knife cuttin' hot butter
Take your full name and type each individual name into the search bar of urbandictionary.com For your first name, pull the first definition that comes up, for your middle name the second, and for your last name, the third. Then put them all together.
I am going to opt out of this part....just thought I’d throw it in there in case it made you feel tingly.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I had a good time tonight. A group of good people, we got together for cocktails, chatting, dinner, and lots of laughing and fun.

I know I have been a "bad blogger" of late in that I have been missing more than usual. I am not tired of blogging - there's a number of contributing factors...

I appreaciate all of you who come here, all of you who are my pals and those of you who maybe are stopping by for the first time. I hope to be back here more frequently sooner rahter than later, I need ot tighten up a few screws in my head first.

Peace and Love

Sunday, March 08, 2009

What The Hell Is Wrong With Me?

I'm not stoned - haven't been in many years. Yet, I just looked up at the television and could swear I saw a bunch of jelly beans moving around office supplies.
I've officially booked a summer vacation - I'll be cruising from Vancouver to Alaska and back.
One of the first reactions to my plans to go to Alaska was a colleague saying "say hi to Sarah for me," and another saying "you should be able to see Russia from there."
I watched the movie "Meet Dave" and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.
Mamma Mia, here I go again...
Later for now.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Flex Daylight Savings Time

So as the weekend approaches (hints of optimism on this hump day for which no humping occurred), many of us in this country will surrender an hour of sleep at two o'clock Sunday morning.
I'm sure if you yourself hasn't bitched about losing the hour someone you know has. I have come up with a solution inspired by the concept of flex-time.
While this might be a bit labor intensive, let's give up 10 minutes each night over a six night period. Nobody's gonna bitch over 10 minutes a night and by the end of the week, not only will our clocks be in alignment with the DST goddesses, the gradual reward of extended daylight each day will be more noticeable and perhaps even feel like a reward and the anticipation of the spring and summer seasons will be greater.
I know, having to change your clocks every night for 6 nights will suck but leave it at the alarm clock and the wrist watch and save all the rest for when it's all done - besides, you should be outside enjoying all that new daylight anyway.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Scrimshaw Patty Whack Give a Dog a Bone

If you are not sure what scrimshaw is, take a look at the picture, that's scrimshaw. Of course you can queequeg_scrimshaw Google it. Of course, it wouldn't be a post on my blog if I didn't take the time to elaborately mention something that really has no relevance to the post other than to mention it and offer yet one more useless fact.
Enough about scrimshaw.
I had a snow day today. Snow days are often bittersweet. I get to not go to work (loving that grammar?) but I do have the awful burden of having to move snow. While I do have a snow thrower, believe me, the task is still daunting and totally blows.
Since patching up my relationship with Netflix, I must say that they have been close to  flawless thus far with their shipping and receiving process and their online library is a great transitional tool which is even better now that I have a blu-ray player that streams Netflix to my television. However, I am going to take a brief time out and temporarily suspend my membership for a few months to kind of catch up with things. Fear not random Netflix officials who may read this - I will resume membership within 90 days.
I think that's enough for now. Peace!