Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Flex Daylight Savings Time

So as the weekend approaches (hints of optimism on this hump day for which no humping occurred), many of us in this country will surrender an hour of sleep at two o'clock Sunday morning.
I'm sure if you yourself hasn't bitched about losing the hour someone you know has. I have come up with a solution inspired by the concept of flex-time.
While this might be a bit labor intensive, let's give up 10 minutes each night over a six night period. Nobody's gonna bitch over 10 minutes a night and by the end of the week, not only will our clocks be in alignment with the DST goddesses, the gradual reward of extended daylight each day will be more noticeable and perhaps even feel like a reward and the anticipation of the spring and summer seasons will be greater.
I know, having to change your clocks every night for 6 nights will suck but leave it at the alarm clock and the wrist watch and save all the rest for when it's all done - besides, you should be outside enjoying all that new daylight anyway.

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