Tuesday, March 31, 2009


In my opinion, U2 is one of the most important rock bands in history. Their music and social consciousness have inspired and entertained generations.

Why is it then that they must stop to such dreadful tactics as charging $50 per year for a fan club membership and then screwing those who don't pay up the ability to get decent, if any, seats at one of their concerts?

I am not certain that I have ever been more disappointed or insulted by people I admire so greatly.


egan said...

You're a funny man. Is this something that truly irks you Chris? Given all the other things going on in the world, I'm surprised you'd be that disappointed.

Chris said...

Egan - the state of the world today is exactly why I'm so irked by this (though I would be irked regardless). With things as they are, forking over $100 for a ticket and then already having to fork over mystery fees for ticketmaster and the sort, $40 to park at the stadium, etc - how can it be justified to ask fans for $50 so they can buy tickets before anyone else? It's a slap in the face and quite frankly, it hurts far more coming from, like I said, people I have a measure of admiration and trust for.

U2 sings songs about how people treat each other and should treat each other and in order to see them perform these songs life, they are asking me to pay an extra $50 to be sure I can get tickets before others who can't pony up the $50.