Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Little Diddy 'bout American Idol

I shall speak (hopefully) briefly on the top 13.

Adam - The guy clearly has talent though not in the genre of pop. For Adam to win would not, in my opinion, open any more doors than say coming in 5th or 6th. This guy has a vocal style best suited to theatre and I think he could be very successful in that arena but I don't see him selling records.

Alexis - This adorable young lady went home last night. Perhaps it's best to avoid the inevitable because I'm not sure she had the cops to win but I thought the notoriety of surviving the top ten would have been a big help to move her to the next level. I think she definitely had raw talent but needs some direction, which is going to be harder for her to get, I think, at this point.

Allison - a strong and mature vocal talent for someone so young but in my opinion, not ready for the big time. I think last nights result shows that she is definitely vulnerable but if she is patient and willing to work, could harvest a career int he music business.

Anoop (Dog Millionaire) - I admit that this week he came back strong but I personally can't find my way into taking him seriously.

Danny - I think this guy is the real deal - very sincere and has good vocal chops an interesting style of voice. Danny is a strong contender for the big prize and in my top three.

Jasmine and Jorge - I'll cover both together because they were eliminated, rightfully, last week. Jasmine could eventually mature into a singer if she works hard but is not ready now. Jorge has the ability to sing but has no clue how to use that talent and his personality annoyed the crap out of me.

Kris - I couldn't care less about him before this week and hate him him solely based on the girlish way he spells his name. However, his rendition of "To Make You Feel My Love" (a Bod Dylan song covered by Garth Brooks, among others) was stellar.

Lil - I hate her! I think she is grossly overrated and a major prima-donna. I bet her feet stink really bad.

Matt - His was the best performance of the week earning him a place in my top three. If Matt can stay focused and true to the style he seems to be developing, he's gonna remain a major contender (despite the large abscess that desperately needs lancing at the center of his large forehead).

Megan - very quirky and interesting. Very brave and strong-willed for performing with the flu. I also thought she looking smoking hot on Tuesday night!

Michael - I like this guy, he's the likeable Idol version of Joe the Plumber. He is talented but not the American Idol. He's one of those guys that could get eliminated and then pop up a year later, like that Josh Gracin, and end up successful).

Scott - This kid is really special and has oodles of talent; I love how genuine he is. Scott rounds out my top three.


egan said...

I haven't watched more than an episode or two this season. I'm really out of it. Thanks for the crib notes.

Chris said...

Egan - Glad I could be of service.