Friday, March 13, 2009


I had a good time tonight. A group of good people, we got together for cocktails, chatting, dinner, and lots of laughing and fun.

I know I have been a "bad blogger" of late in that I have been missing more than usual. I am not tired of blogging - there's a number of contributing factors...

I appreaciate all of you who come here, all of you who are my pals and those of you who maybe are stopping by for the first time. I hope to be back here more frequently sooner rahter than later, I need ot tighten up a few screws in my head first.

Peace and Love


Joy said...

We know where we've been - play Scrabble on Facebook! I'm enjoying it!

Joy said...

That's "playing Scrabble" as I'm sure you realized. Self-correcting English teacher here! :-)