Friday, April 10, 2009

Home Improvement Season

Another summer is upon us and yet again, it’s time to sort through the list of things that need to get done around the house, prioritize, and make something happen.
This years project is one I have contemplated for a few years and knew was inevitable…Vinyl Siding! The levels of anxiety amplify by simply saying the words.
I’ve lived here for 7 years and when I moved in the exterior needed work, at least a paint job. However, a 5 grand paint job just hadn’t seemed as necessary as the other projects I’ve “invested” in. However, after the roofing job last year, the gutters, which were already in bad shape have gotten worse and the current exterior of the house is in pretty bad shape and the time is now.
So, I have 2 quotes in hand and even have saved the ridiculous amount of cash needed to pay for the job. However, as I predicted, just getting the siding and gutters done does not come without other things trickling their way into the list of things that need to get done.
I have a deck that is in such bad shape, I won’t even walk on it. A new deck this year is just not going to happen but in my head, it seems that it makes no sense to side the house around the current deck which leaves me with no choice but to later build a deck around the same framework. So, I decided to have the deck demolished  - at the additional cost of the first four digit number after the last three digit number.
Here’s something that is a bit sillier after reading the deck situation. The “patio door” that leads to the deck is in dire need of replacement. The door frame on the outside is tied in some way to the house exterior, which of course is being redone. Seems to me that it makes sense to replace that door and frame before the siding job so as to not have to alter or mess with the siding job later. Now a patio door does not have to be a huge deal, though in order to get a decent product that is well insulated (it is a 35-40 square foot opening in New England) it seems I need to fork over at least $1500. Of course my OCD and stylish sensibilities (give me a few minutes to finish laughing……okay, I can continue now), I really want one with blinds between the glass (Google it, it really is neat and I could get rid of the awful vertical blinds). Of course, there are a few manufacturers that make them now but none of them do so with energy efficient glass. The one company that does make the product in an energy efficient format, of course, charges a hefty price, considerably more than twice the price I mentioned earlier. The advantage is that is qualifies for a federal tax rebate of 30% of the cost which will help but of course, still way more expensive.
Scattered about the exterior are a number of motion-sensor lights that pretty much haven’t worked right in the seven years I’ve owned them. Seems to me it makes no sense to construct vinyl siding and capping around fixtures that don’t work. Hello electrician, can you help me out? I have no idea how much this will cost but it needs to be done.
Enough about this – it will be painful but it will need to get done. I’ll keep you posted on how it all works out.


egan said...

When are you going to fill the vacant pool?

Chris said...

Egan - the pool is long gone but the yard still look awful. Unfortunately, there is not enough cash to cover it this season.