Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sounds Industrial

I was walking through the halls at work today and the sounds coming from some of the construction had a musical quality about them. I passed a student who said, “Where’s that music coming from?” I said, “There’s some construction going on.” He said, “Sounds strangely like music.” and I replied, “Sounds Industrial” and then walked away.

“Cup” Cake Update – GOOD NEWS!

I made a third attempt today and the 5 minute wonder cake in a coffee mug cooked in a microwave. I was unable to figure out the wattage of my 12 year old microwave so I decided to use 80% power for try #3.
I mixed the dry ingredients in a small bowl with a whisk and then pouted them onto a piece of parchment (so I wouldn’t need to dirty another bowl – this is supposed to be a quick thing).
I then assembled and whisked together all of the wet ingredients in the bowl and then added the dry ingredients back in and mixed them together into what looked like a cake batter; I then folded in the chocolate chips and poured it all into a mug and placed it in the nearby nuclear reactor (microwave) at 80% power for 3 minutes.
The end result, infinitely better than tries #1 or 2. Perfect? Amazing? Neither…but it is cool and yummy enough to make it worthwhile when that craving for chocolate cake needs to be satisfied faster than the simple and delicious Wowie Cake I posted here way back in September of 2004.

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