Sunday, April 19, 2009

What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks is Up?

  • This Wednesday evening I will be seeing Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band in Boston.
  • I have tix to see U2 at Gillette Stadium in September.
  • My dear pal Jenn is playing in Boston on the 23rd and the 30th. I must see her on at least one of these days – I haven’t seen her since she moved out to Cali and I miss her.
  • I totally hate all contractors! I hate home ownership! I hate home improvements (not the actual improvements but getting to them)!
  • Reading “Eclipse”
  • Saw the movie “Ghost Town” – super funny!
  • I am typing this on my shiny new Toshiba notebook.
  • That’s all for now…Hugs :)


egan said...

You strike me as a MacBook kind of guy.

Chris said...

Egan - MacBooks are sleek, intersting, and cool but for me - too expensive.

April said...

Eclipse?? As in from the Twilight series??


Huh... I can't even remember anything else you wrote because I am still stuck on that....

God I just re-read this comment and I sound so judgy, right? And I don't mean to. I mean I read them too. But . . . I'm a girl.

See now I sound sexist...

It's just that every guy I know is having the best time making fun of the Twilight stuff and here you are annoucing on your blog that you are reading it and it's, well, refreshing I guess.

Even I tore the book jackets off so no one in public could see what I was reading and I totally knocked the books yet couldn't put them down.

And now when I get to heaven Jane Austen is so not gonna want to be friends with me.

Have I offended you? I did, didn't I? I am so good at that. My apologies.

Chris said...

April, welcome to the party. Your comment is delightful, not offensive in the least.

Tell me the truth, from a female view, is Bella a C$#@ or am I off base?

April said...

Oooh Chris, the C word is a strong one. I am not sure I would use that to decribe Bella, but that's me. I prefer to reserve use of that word for those plastic mommies wearing sky high hooker heals and adjectives spelled out in sparkly letters across their well toned asses as they wait outside the playground to pick up their kids from school. But I would definitely say she was wimpy, boring bitch.

But seriously, doesn't it drive you crazy that this crap is out there? And so popular? And it is CRAP. It is so badly written, so beyond stupid, and so full of itself. Maybe it's jealousy that has me so pissed, but it makes me sick that there are so many good writers trying to make it and this woman dreams up sparkly vampires and shape shifting werewolves and it's a world wide phenomenon. What a bitch.

Chris said...

April - I think we are going to get along fabulously! :)