Saturday, May 02, 2009

Karaoke Night

Tonight we are having a karaoke fundraiser at church and I have been assigned the fun little task of emcee. Of course, I am looking forward to it because I am a total ham and it is for such a cool cause - we are raising money to fund mission trips.

I hope that someone will have a camera on hand to take some goofy photographs - I will gladly post some if they come my way.

Transitioning to other things going on, the home improvement stuff is beginning to take shape though is not any less stressful. I've secured the services, via a hefty deposit, of a contractor to handle insulation, siding and gutters. the good news is that the insulation job will end up costing only about 400 bucks or so after a hefty rebate from the gas company and then another rebate from Uncle Sam come tax time next year.
I've successfully negotiated the price I wanted to pay for a new patio door, a very snazzy one I might add, and that is being installed in a few weeks.
Monday morning at 8:00 am, I am meeting with an electrician to figure out why the current exterior lighting doesn't function and hopefully that can all get settled within a week.
So, moving along...I have some details to take care of for karaoke night and I also need to eat some breakfast...later!


Joy said...

Wish I could see you in action on karaoke night!

Looking forward to pictures of the construction work.

Chris said...

Joy - I wish you could be here! Here's a promise, next time I'm in Nashville, we meet up for Karaoke...I've got a Toby Keith diddy waiting. LOL