Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Too Beautiful to Blog

The awesome Sprizee turned me on to a radio show that emanates nightly from KIRO FM in Seatlle called TBTL; Too Beautiful to Live. The show airs nightly and is available in podcast form. Listeners such as myself who listen this way are referred to as “Time Bandits” – fans of the show are called “TENS” (as in “tens of listeners”).
Today, I finally feel validated as I have made it to the tens metablog, a blog of blogs if you will that is put together by a ten from NY city. Now if only I get to see one of my two photoroll entries on the TBTL blog, I will really be ecstatic!
the show, TBTL, is hosted by a witty young fellow who calls himself Luke, probably a name forced upon him by his parental units, but he did choose to keep it. along with Luke, producer Jenn (whom I think I have a bit of a crush on of late, especially after her super string song) and Sean (“Japan’s #1 Mixer”) DeTorre round out the show and the interplay between the three is rare balance of uniquely entertaining and totally awesome.
Thanks to Sprizee for the recommendation and to the TBTL crew for giving me something to listen to that matters to me again.

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