Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Weak Week

There’s a part of my that wants to say, “Sorry it’s been a whole week since my last post.” In some ways it is true, but I don’t feel right saying sorry nor do I even really believe anyone thinks I should be (except for Cuzzup who now lacks sufficient reading material for her ride to work or #2 seatings).
I am in a bit of a fog of late and that is the understatement of the moment. realistically, I am in a heap of fog and just don’t think or see clearly – I am constantly reevaluating me and where I am going.  So, for the  billionth time, I once again embark on the “What the fuck am I doing tour?” and will hopefully keep you (and me) in touch.
I watched a pretty different movie yesterday, it’s called “Towelhead”. A compelling coming of age story wrapped around a web of political and cultural prejudice.
I’ve written some stand-up comedy material. Don’t get excited – it’s about 1 minute-ish of material. I conceived it while driving back to the office from lunch today thinking about the cruise I took to Hawaii. There was this “comedian” there that was kind of hosting a thing where anyone can come up and tell a joke. So, I thought, what the hell could I get up there and say and actually be funny. If I take the initiative to scratch out some notes and write down my direction – I’ll record the comedy bit with a sound effects audience and see how it fares in podcast form.
And now, 6 words I’ve never used (until now):
  1. qayed
  2. giclee
  3. uglyful
  4. hackrilege
  5. jamers
  6. absodiot
I heart you lots.


Joy said...

This is going to be interesting! Can't wait to hear more.

April said...

Can I just say thank you for the word qayed? Play a lot of online scrabble and am always looking for a good u-less q-word. Awesome. Yeah, I'm a geek. I know.

And also, I think the fog thing is going around. I feel the same. Don't know what I am doing. Don't know what to write about. Don't have any good words for online scrabble. It sucks. So let me know if you find a way out of it.


egan said...

Hello sir! Sorry you're in a fog these days. I've contacted someone in Nebraska and I'm hopeful they will send you some tasty treats.

Chris said...

Egan - Thanks pal. I am so happy for and proud of our Nebraskan friend.