Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The End of Twilight

I finished Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final (hopefully) book in “The Twilight Saga” by Stephenie Meyer. I am glad it’s over because quite frankly, it’s been somewhat torturous.
After reading the first book, “Twilight”, I thought there was some promise. I was intrigued by the characters and the concept. I needed to take into consideration that the book was marketed to the young adult market – at least through the first book, it only mattered a little.
As I got into the second book, I became suspicious that Meyer targeted the young adult market for either lack of confidence or ability to reach the adult population – especially with a series of novels about vampires. Quite frankly, “New Moon” was pretty close to awful (and even painful at times).
“Eclipse”, the third book in the series was a major improvement from New Moon but even more evident as to Meyer’s lack of ability to hold a storyline together as it drifted off unnecessarily into boring an amateurish avenues that had be beginning to regret ever starting the series. While I have always accepted, even embraced that fiction is a stretch of reality, when anything is stretched to far, it breaks and this story broke, for me, in book three (actually in book two if I really think about it) into an irreparable mess.
"Breaking Dawn” became a necessity as a result of my inability to let go of a story, regardless of how awful. I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt from the start but the truth is it was painful from page 1 to page 750 something – the end.


SM said...

Ha! I'm sorry you disliked it so. But, to be honest, I don't know many older men who do enjoy the book.

I loved the series, but I have to agree that New Moon was a hard one for me to finish. It took me much longer to finish it than the other books because the agony of Bella was too much for me. Teenage angst was a hard enough emotion to live through once - reading about it on purpose sucked.

I enjoyed the series for the most part, but mainly because of the vampires. I have an extremely strange (and possibly unhealthy) obsession with vampires. BUT, I hated the heroine in this book. I do not like how Stephanie Meyers portrayed her - how boy crazy she became and obsessive. I"m sure there is some reality to that portrayal. Some girls really get that way over boys. However, I believe with a target audience of teenage girls, it's important to have a heroine that shows them that it's OK to be a strong female sans boyfriends. And New Moon just kind of made it apparently clear that Bella just couldn't handle it without Edward. Sure, she had a few chapters of being OK with Jacob, but she just exchanged one for the other.

I haven't watched the movie yet because i know it won't live up to my expectations. Plus? The Edward of the movie does not match my fantasies.

That is all.

Joy said...

I HATED those books! I read them because of my granddaughter and went through torture because they were so badly written. Bella is codependent. Edward a stalker. They are cheesy romance novels. The last one was the worst with that stupid pregnancy and birth. Then the creepy imprinting of Jacob with her baby. It was a horrible reading experience.

I blogged about it and ranted.

Chris said...

SM - I thought that if there were a redeeming quality that the whole vampire meets wolf thing had lots of potential. I totally agree with
Meyer's poor depiction of a "heroine".

Joy - So how do you really feel about those books? LOL :)

Joy said...

LOL! Right!

SlipStitchWitch said...

I'm sort of a young adult lol I'm 23 years old. I dont know how I was meant to feel about the books. The first one excited me but I felt that Edward was kind of mean most of the time and she was just in lust with him from the start lol The second one made me shout with JOY! Finally an author who grasps the heart wrenching pain of losing your true love. Your soul mate. The one. This I thought was the highlight of my reading experience so far. I mean...normally in books they are super sad and cry or whatever..but the pure depression that comes over bella thrilled me. It felt real. felt the way I imagined I would feel if I lost my true love...I haven't lol...but I think for me she was pretty darn close :) The whole Jacob thing just pissed me off and if that hadn't resolved itself in book four I would have thrown the whole lot out and never wanted to talk about it again lol but it did...and I'm satisfied. How did you feel about her sadness?

SlipStitchWitch said...

I'm posting again because...I re-read my post and I should have been more clear. I loved her sadness...and once that was over...I hated New Moon lol LOVED the depression she achieved...but the rest of the book was garbage