Monday, June 22, 2009

For the Sake of The Call

Has it ever happened to you? You are put in a position of response and while your initial reaction might be to look away, ignore, or judge, something comes over you and you respond in a way that you may not understand, at least not initially, but eventually it becomes clear that there was a reason you were put in that position and why you reacted the way you did (I really could have done a better job writing that).
After church service this past Sunday, I spent a few moments at coffee hour engaging in fellowship but soon retreated to the church office to do some work on the computers. I was pretty involved in my work when an extremely pregnant woman walked in and asked me if I was the priest.
I explained that I was not the priest but stood up to introduce myself as an officer of the church and asked her how I can help. She began to cry immediately and said, “I’m pregnant and my son just stole my wallet and I have no money and need to get gas for the car… (or something close to that).”
My usual initial reaction is to make a judgment call. I have trust issues in general and I can also tell you that there are many predators who come into churches on Sundays attempting to score some cash. Why my gut instinct is to question this woman, I was overcome with the feeling that I was put into this position for a reason and simply asked her with sincerity, “would five bucks help you (I only had nine bucks on me)?”
She looked at me, still with tears in her eyes and could only nod in the affirmative. I handed the the money, she thanked me and was on her way. I didn’t give it a further thought until I went to bed that night and reflected on that moment in prayer.
I’m going to leave the rest to you. I told this story for one reason only, to inspire you to reflect on a similar moment you may have found yourself in or how you might react in a similar situation.
I think that one of the most important pieces of a faith journey is to actually practice faith – believing in something that you can not prove. Taking action simply because you know in you hear it is the right thing to do in that moment regardless of any reservations you may have.
Peace be with you.


egan said...

I'm not religious at all, but I think we've all come across a similar experience. Go with your gut and trust you did the right thing.

I'm skeptical by nature since I've been the victim of deceit a few times. However, I still donate money to charities and random situations when possible. Don't fret about it.

Chris said...

Egan - I was hoping someone not religious would respond in kind with the secular version. If I have learned anything about you over the years I've known you is that you are a kind, caring, and generous soul.