Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A “Funny” Thing Happened on the Way to My Insulation Blow Job

In advance of my vinyl siding installation, I am having some Owens Corning “pink” blown into my wall cavities. It’s a pretty neat process all done from outside of the house.
They pull off one of the clapboards, drill a hole, then stick a tube in there and blow the insulation into the wall cavity until filled. It’s good deal too, I get a 75% rebate (up to 2k) from the electric company and then I can get a 30% rebate (up to $1500) on my taxes – so when all is said and done, my net cost for the job will be a little over $400 and I end up with a nice R13 (as I recall) insulation value.
So here’s the “funny” thing that happened…I go into on of the upstairs rooms and there’s pink insulation all over the fucking place. A few years ago, a plumber had to cut out a chunk of a wall in the closet in there to get at a pipe. The piece of wall went back in kind of makeshift and today, I realized just how makeshift when the insulation blew right through that chunk of wall.
What a mess!

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