Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Think Jack Black is Overrated Perhaps

I won’t say that he sucks nor will I say I’ve not been entertained by him, because I have. I tend to think he’s something of a one-trick pony – a one dimensional actor with little to no range beyond “Jack Black”.
I watched a movie called “Appaloosa” yesterday and I didn’t like it. The thing is, I am not so sure it was as bad as I thought it was and I think that I just may not like westerns; I haven’t seen one I’ve liked in a very long time.
Jeff Garlan and Chelsea Handler are the two worst Password players I've ever seen in my life.
Cuzzup! Sorry I didn't call on Saturday.


Joy said...

I agree with you about Jack Black and the bad password players. They really sucked!

Chris said...

Joy - I can't even believe how bad they were.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree

Chris said...

Anonymous - Thanks for stopping by :)