Saturday, June 20, 2009

Making History at Dairy Queen

dq3 I am proud to say that history was made at DQ today and it was me that made that history. I have been trying for a couple of years to get one of the kids there to do a double dip of my cone, first into the cherry, then into the chocolate. I’ve dreamt of the magical deliciousness of my double dip but alas, no one would do the double dip.
Today, I once again attempted to get one of the employees to make history with me and was informed by the young lady tending to me that “we can’t double dip because the first dip would melt into the second dip.” Evidently, the dips are kept at a heated temperature and it just wouldn’t work. So, I needed to turn on the charms, I was determined this time to have a historical moment at the DQ.
I said the the young lady, “I was hoping to make history here and thought you could be a part of it all!” She responded with a rather excellent idea - “How about I put a little of the other dip into a cup and you can pour it over your cone?” So she cam back with my dipped cone and a cup of the other dip liquid which I then poured gingerly over the dipped cone. Onlookers were mystified and amazed, some at the marvel of what was happening and some at the intricate patterns the dripping left on the pavement below.
When the pour was complete, I showed off my creation to the DQ employee who finally cooperated in making my dream happen and to all who were nearby. One older lady questioned, “What is that!” I was holding the first ever double dipped cone in history and all that was left was to eat it. Eat it I did and it was delicious. In hindsight, I really should have documented the moment on film as I actually had a camera with me but I was so caught up in the moment, I didn’t. Either way, it finally happened and I can truly say that for that moment, the world was indeed a better place to be than the moment before.

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