Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What a Difference…

…a door makes. Brand new patio door installed today. Despite the fact that the patio (deck) was recently removed and the first step out of the new door is a bit of a doozy, the new door is absolutely beautiful (which thrills me to ne end because it was silly expensive).
…a high pollen count makes to one’s comfort level should that one be sensitive to such pollen.
…a year makes. I was blogging my face off last year, the words just flowed. I still feel like I have as much to say but can’t seem to find the words.
In other news, Spencer Pratt is an ass, a complete talentless waste of human life – why is the public so interested in him?
I just began (today), Breaking Dawn and I can’t wait to finish it. Ultimately, thus far I have found the Twilight series a waste of my time but thanks to OCD, I feel the need to finish the series. Perhaps I’ll comment in greater detail when I am through.
Cuzzup!!! Miss ya.

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