Thursday, July 23, 2009

Across the Universe

I’ve had this movie in my waiting to be watched pile for a long time and today I took the plunge.
Across the Universe is an incredibly ambitious musical with a script built around Beatles music.
While I think there are a number of failed moments in this film, which are just that, failures – I think the things that worked well worked very well. There was a specific moment of brilliance when the character Prudence found her way into the scene through a window. One of the housemates walked past and noticed her asking “where did she come from.” The response from the housemate who witnessed her entrance, “…she came in through the bathroom window.” So perfectly executed.
The technical aspects of this film were extraordinary, visual imagery, cinematography, lighting, all very well executed. While the script, or more specifically, certain parts of the script, was where all of the flaws I found lied, what this film succeeded in most was something that may seem fairly obvious; and that is, the durability and adaptability of these brilliantly crafted songs.
I am looking forward to exploring the special features, included on an entirely separate DVD. Oh, one thing that had me curious, just not curious enough to dig deeper because I am lazy and in the middle of procrastinating preparing for my trip, what came first, this movie or the Cirque De Soleil “Love” show. I did pick up on some conceptual similarities. Having mentioned the “Love” show I must say that while I did ultimately enjoy what this film had to offer when all was said and done, the “Love” show is a great example of a perfectly executed project and if you are even in the vicinity of Las Vegas, go see it, you will not be disappointed (I can’t make that claim for everyone who watches this film). For the record, I eventually rated it 3 out of 5 stars.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catching Up in Bullet Format

  • Tomorrow is last day of work until 8/10 (vaca time)
  • Yes, cruising to Alaska
  • Need to get better at managing stress (and not take it all out on my digestive tract)
  • Missing “The Cupcaketress”
  • Thinking lots of good thoughts for Radioactive Girl
  • Looking forward to friends reunion in August
  • Teaching a 6 week accelerated online course = lots of work!
  • With all the wonderful friends I’ve tracked down on FB, I’d love to touch base with Lisa Cacace and Melinda.
  • 530

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sirius Issues

I’ve been a subscriber of Sirius satellite radio for three or so years (about a month or so before Howard Stern went on the air there). I became a subscriber for one reason only, to continue listening to Howard Stern; the rest was just gravy.
What I came to love of satellite radio is how it stays tuned right in to what you are listening to wherever you may roam. Over time, I started listening to some of the music stations and have grown fond of several such as: E-Street Radio, The Coffee House, 70’s on 7, and others.
Where satellite has been frustrating is driving under the canopy of the tree-lined back roads that lead me to and from my job. It seems that in the greatest age of technology, they couldn’t get that signal to beam through the leaves causing my radio to stutter to the point where I don’t even bother using it on those streets any longer.
The frustration hit a high a few days ago when I made the call to customer service and asked to cancel my subscription, effective after my currently paid period (I am and always have been on a month-to-month plan). The “nice oldish sounding lady” expressed concern for my issues and countered my cancellation request with the offer of a brand spanking new satellite radio (which she thought might handle the reception better) for no cost other than $5.76 for  shipping and 3 months of service for free.
I thought the counter offer was a fair way to address my problem. While I don’t for a minute believe the new radio will handle the signal any differently, there really is no cost to me to find out and if it does, they saved a customer while if it does not, I will just cancel again three months from now.
We shall see.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Man in The Mirror

I’ve had so many mixed feelings, many negative if I am being honest, regarding the death (and subsequent publicity) of Michael Jackson. I have tried (hard) to be respectful but I have had a very difficult time resolving how I feel.
And then, I saw this video (see below). I can choose to make judgments but the reality is that they would be based predominantly in speculation. It seems pretty clear that Michael Jackson was a deeply troubled man in many ways. However, through his music, he did made a tremendous impact and reached out to many people with many positive messages.
It would be easy to accuse him and even chastise him for not practicing what he preaches, but I know that I could be held guilty of that many times over and I am betting so could many of you.
While I am not going to put him on some kind of pedestal, I am going to take a step back to accept that perhaps in the tragedy that was his life and through the mirror of his death – I think it might be a wise decision to see if there really is something that could be learned; one last message that the “Man in The Mirror” meant to be heard.
Now watch and listen to what Seidah Garret has to say and to her spectacular rendition of a great song:

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pancakes: They Just Don’t Quite Stack Up

I feel like I am repeating myself here but I came up with a snappy post title for this; so I am going with it.
I don’t eat pancakes all that often. As such, I get these occasional urges for them. So, I go to a breakfast place, order up a stack and two, maybe three, bites in – I am done.
Not only am I done after just a few bites, but I am bitter at the pancake industry for yet another psyche-out. I kind of feel like my intellect was drained from me forcing me to forget that I really don’t think all that much of the pancake. Worse, actually getting me so fucking psyched for pancakes I am moving mountains to make the pancake meal a reality.
The worst part about eating the pancakes is that they always end up giving me the worst gut busting stomach ache ever and then I end up on the throne of deuces for an hour – I know, TMI.
Note to self: ixnay on the ancakespay.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Podcast: Does Anyone at Red Lobster Know the Red Lobster Jingle?

So, I am at a Red Lobster in Wethersfield, Ct. and I have my digital recorder. What else is there to do but get some shenanigans going so I decided to poll the staff to see if anyone could sing the Red Lobster jingle for me.


or, listen here slick:

Friday, July 03, 2009

New York State of Mind (again)

I spent a few days down in the homeland this past weekend. Saturday I was in Staten Island for my niece’s HS graduation party.
Lauren is such a sweet kid who is all grown up now. I moved to MA when she was just about 5 so I didn’t really get to see her grow up and as such, it’s always a shock to see how much she has grown.
On Sunday, I fulfilled a wish I’ve had for many years; to go to Serendipity and have a frozen hot chocolate. I went to college in Manhattan and I had always heard about this place but never really cared all that much back then. Years later, the movie Serendipity with John Cusack and the sexy Kate Beckinsale came out and I became obsessed with the idea of going to get a frozen hot chocolate of my own and alas, eight years or so later…
DSC00122 While I was in NYC, two of my blogger buds were in town, Michael and Jennifer. I was so hoping to get to visit with them but timing was not on our side. Of course right now, about a week later, Essentially Me is making her rounds in NYC and I so wish I could be there to meet up with her – again, timing (have an awesome time EM).
Turns out, recently my friends Julie and Phil were there for a few days as well. Hey – it’s a pretty neat place to visit.
DSC00123 It was delicious! Thanks for asking.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Circum... OUCH!

Now that I have the InternetS back at my house, I have some catching up to do. I saw this story on Perez Hilton about a dude who saw it fit to attempt to circumcise himself with a...

CLICK HERE to read the story.