Thursday, July 23, 2009

Across the Universe

I’ve had this movie in my waiting to be watched pile for a long time and today I took the plunge.
Across the Universe is an incredibly ambitious musical with a script built around Beatles music.
While I think there are a number of failed moments in this film, which are just that, failures – I think the things that worked well worked very well. There was a specific moment of brilliance when the character Prudence found her way into the scene through a window. One of the housemates walked past and noticed her asking “where did she come from.” The response from the housemate who witnessed her entrance, “…she came in through the bathroom window.” So perfectly executed.
The technical aspects of this film were extraordinary, visual imagery, cinematography, lighting, all very well executed. While the script, or more specifically, certain parts of the script, was where all of the flaws I found lied, what this film succeeded in most was something that may seem fairly obvious; and that is, the durability and adaptability of these brilliantly crafted songs.
I am looking forward to exploring the special features, included on an entirely separate DVD. Oh, one thing that had me curious, just not curious enough to dig deeper because I am lazy and in the middle of procrastinating preparing for my trip, what came first, this movie or the Cirque De Soleil “Love” show. I did pick up on some conceptual similarities. Having mentioned the “Love” show I must say that while I did ultimately enjoy what this film had to offer when all was said and done, the “Love” show is a great example of a perfectly executed project and if you are even in the vicinity of Las Vegas, go see it, you will not be disappointed (I can’t make that claim for everyone who watches this film). For the record, I eventually rated it 3 out of 5 stars.

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Chris said...

While I intentionally didn't mention the brilliant performance by Bono and the entertaining appearance of Joe Cocker, I will do so now so that those of you who saw this film don't think I was oblivious to it :).