Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Man in The Mirror

I’ve had so many mixed feelings, many negative if I am being honest, regarding the death (and subsequent publicity) of Michael Jackson. I have tried (hard) to be respectful but I have had a very difficult time resolving how I feel.
And then, I saw this video (see below). I can choose to make judgments but the reality is that they would be based predominantly in speculation. It seems pretty clear that Michael Jackson was a deeply troubled man in many ways. However, through his music, he did made a tremendous impact and reached out to many people with many positive messages.
It would be easy to accuse him and even chastise him for not practicing what he preaches, but I know that I could be held guilty of that many times over and I am betting so could many of you.
While I am not going to put him on some kind of pedestal, I am going to take a step back to accept that perhaps in the tragedy that was his life and through the mirror of his death – I think it might be a wise decision to see if there really is something that could be learned; one last message that the “Man in The Mirror” meant to be heard.
Now watch and listen to what Seidah Garret has to say and to her spectacular rendition of a great song:

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